Seaweed’s The Way It Ends Lyrics

Never meant to start a fight But that’s the way it ends Jagged words step forward And we bash forgotten friends Years befere we met With points as clear as charcoal More discussion would be lame

I cut myself into a trap-I designed And if a fault is found-assured it’s mine Even thought the past at hand-rips my waste Babe I hoped you feel as trapped as I do

I should learn some common sense And stop my thoughts at throat But memory’s accounted And then every fear explodes Years before we met Hold my breath and count to ten But prudence won’t tame

Do what I’m Argus eyed-heartburning genocide-do you feel as trapped as I do The suspicion’s more of me-and not of what i see-push the poisons right on through Heartburning genocide-attentive doubts will fly-hear the sting, ask what I do I was the one to prey-put the gun on me-until I break I’m trapped as you

If you have a hole to sleep in Take me there to nap Dare I bring my apprehension Lay it on your lap Years before we met Honesty has several shades Let’s keep our down to nine